Introducing the original Ogura Hyakuninisshu

I thought of introducing some of the original Ogura Hyakuninisshu verses from Japan in my blog so you can get to know some of the Japanese classic wakas (verses).

I will post mostly from William N. Porter’s English translation
and also the Swedish translation by Shozo Matsushita and Per Erik Wahlund. William Porter translates the verses so that it will become a beautiful English verse with its rhymes and rhythms that follow the western poetry style. The Swedish translation is done in a way that it follows the original Japanese waka rhythm. That means a rhythm of 5-7-5   7-7 syllables.  You can see it in the examples I have posted in the verse no. 31 and no.56.

I will also post some extra comments on so you can understand the waka (poem/verse) better.

Hope you can enjoy them!

Live Love Laugh!




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