Ogoola Roadshow report


This spring I made an Ogoola roadshow tour around parts of Sweden. The cities I exhibited were Norrköping, Linköping, Jönköping, Uppsala and Örebro. I also visited Västerås and introduced it to members of the language association.

Swedish people are generally very polite so I don’t know what the teachers really thought but every teacher that has gotten to know about the game so far thought it was a very interesting and good game to get acquainted with poetry.

Comments were:

”That is something new! I’ve never seen a game like this.”

”Very interesting. Good way to learn!”

”How nice. Really impressed!”

But so far I have not had any response from teachers that came to the exhibition. However I had a  response from a teacher from Östersund! She will be the first teacher in history to try out this game in another language other than Japanese!

Her name is Monica and she will be testing Ogoola with 17 of her 7th grade students. Monica got to know about Ogoola through an ad on Lingua, a magazine for teachers who are a member of LMS riks.

It is very exciting to test something absolutely new which has never ever happened before! I really hope that the students and Monica will enjoy the game.

Here are some pictures from the roadshow!



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