Tuesday, January 24th 2012

Yesterday, January 23rd was the New Year’s according to the old moon calender in Japan this year. However, we have adapted to the western calender so we do not celebrate New Year’s according to the moon calender anymore.

In Japan, we have a tradition to clean before the new year comes. We like to welcome the new year fresh with a clean house and clean clothes. My mother used to buy us extra new underwear to wear on January first.

This year has started out very busy. I have been planning to introduce the Ogoola poetry game to schools on Gotland but it seems like few teachers are interested. If not any.

I asked a member of the LMS Gotland to help me introduce the game to them on january 26th. However noone has replied to my invitation. I should not take this personally but it kind of hurts my feelings to be ignored. I can understand that if you are busy, it is the easiest to just not reply instead of writing back that I can not make it. But still it is a bit difficult to not take it personally. I guess I am naive and I am not used to this kind of situation.

I hope that LMS Västerås will turn out to be much better. At least the organizer, Gunnel is most professional and one of the kindest person I have gotten to known in Sweden! I am really looking forward to the presentation in Västerås on February 13th!

I would also like to introduce Ogoola to other LMS in Sweden. We are almost ready to print the English version too and we are working on it day and night. I am looking forward to getting feedbacks and comments on the selection so that we could change, ammend them if necessary.

People working at Primi Piatti at Camps Bay in South Africa had a quote on their T-shirts that said, ”Work is LOVE made visible”!

Ogoola has become something like that for me and it is a very special feeling. I love what I do and the product we are making.

Good night.

Live Love Laugh!










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