DesignTorget in Sweden

Dear readers,

I am very happy to announce that Designtorget of Sweden would like to start selling the Ogoola Karuta Poetry Game in Swedish with the Swedish classics. The launch will be in week 2, January 2013.

The shops that they will start selling Ogoola Karuta are:
Design Torget at Kulturhuset, Götagatan 36 in Söder Stockholm, Vallgatan in Göteborg and in their webshop.

I have been touring around Sweden introducing the game for over a year now and finally we found some innovative people to try something very new.

It’s great that more people will have easy access to get to know the game and have a chance to enjoy playing it.

We have played this game in Japan for over 400 years and they are still playing it today. When I play the original game in Japanese, I get a tremendous nostalgic feeling when I read the Japanese poems. Today, I understand the poems much better which was difficult to do when I was still in school and young.

I hope that people around the world can enjoy the game throughout their life like we do in Japan. It is not important to understand the poems at first. It is important to just get used to listening to them and reading them. In the end, it will take its own accord.

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