Ogoola Karuta played at Skuggspel in Visby

We played Ogoola Karuta at a game shop in Visby last Thursday. The game shop is called Skuggspel. A small boutique that sells games and they have some space for customers to hang out and play games there. A kind of game café. Really cool.

We’ve played Ogoola Karuta with friends and our familiy and at schools. But this was the first time we played it in a game shop. Because people who come there are ofcourse game lovers and they immediately understood how to play the game strategically we were very much inspired of how to play the game even more dynamic. The game experts go one step further than the people who are not used to playing games regularly and we could learn a lot from them.

The interesting thing about games is that you get to know a part of the person you play against in a natural setting. We hope to build up a karuta club at this game store so that more people can get to know this game. Come join us and play! I will be there on Thursdays from 17:00. It’s board game night every Thursday at Skuggspel in Visby.

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