Sakura Matsuri 2015

There has never been so many visitors to this Japanese Festival in Stockholm. The people’s interest in Japanese culture has grown and I find it fascinating that a small country like Japan attracts people from all over the world. What is so interesting about Japanese culture? They do have odd things and the Japanese tend to become geeks in what they do and like. Their nature is going fully into things and doing things. In a good sense, they create specialists and masters out of pure interest and passion. Playing ”Karuta” is one of those typical Japanese attitudes. How could people become so engaged in playing cards? And this is not for money! It is pure love and passion.

We decided to introduce our world’s first ”English” karuta at this Japanese (Cherry blossom = Sakura) festival in Stockholm this year.

Many many people tried the game and it was so much fun. Everyone says that you just have to try it. Although it is very easy to play, the rules  seem complicated at first. We really had an exciting day with tons of people playing at our booth.

I will post some pictures from the event.

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